Intuitive and Efficient

The ability to rabidly get ideas onto paper (or screen) is the key to success. Open Mind is the only mind mapping program that will keep up with your ideas and thoughts. Creating bubbles and arranging them on the screen is super easy and intuitive.

Open Mind is packed full of features to make your life easier. Tools such as automatic layouts, pre-configured themes and many export options.

Open Mind bubble editor

70+ Shapes and Symbols

Choose from over 70 shapes and symbols, including speech bubbles, clouds, flowchart symbols and arrows.

Automatic Layouts

With the click of a button, Open Mind can automatically arrange the bubbles into various different layouts.

Import and Export

Export any document as an image, PDF, SVG or XPS file. Existing documents can also be imported and combined together.

An example of a mind map made with Open Mind

Brainstorms, Mind Maps, Flowcharts…

Open Mind is extremely flexible. Select from 70+ shapes and symbols, 5 different styles of connections and an unlimited array of styling options. Whether you’re making a complex flowchart, brainstorming some ideas or revising for an exam, Open Mind can do it.

Document Encryption

Documents can be encrypted with a password using 256-bit AES encryption - one of the strongest, most secure encryption standards available.

Spell Checker

Spelling mistakes are automatically detected and highlighted as you type. Open Mind supports spelling for any languages your computer supports.


Open Mind comes with 12 themes. Themes are an easy way to make a diagram look professional and aesthetically pleasing. You can also create your own themes to use on other documents.

Everything in One Place

Everything you need is no more than a couple of clicks away. Most options are in the main toolbar. If you’re editing a bubble text, the text formatting options are right next to the editor.

Open Mind bubble border color picker

Connection Styling

Idea bubbles can be connected using five different styles of connection including flowchart lines or Mind Map trunk lines. The appearance of each line can be easily customized.

Automatic Updates

Open Mind is in continuous development and there are many exciting new feature on the horizon. Updates are automatically downloaded from within Open Mind.

Cloud Storage

Seamlessly sync your documents across multiple devices using Dropbox cloud storage. There's no need to manually email files around anymore.

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