Creating a Mind Map with Open Mind

See how you can effortlessly create a beautiful Mind Map with Open Mind.

Create a title bubble

Start your mind map by selecting the blank bubble and giving it a title. You may wish to increase the text size or change the shape to emphasize this bubble as the main idea.

Creating a title bubble

Create subheadings

Identify the key ideas you want to explore. Create a bubble for each of these and connect them to the title bubble.

Create sub heading bubbles

Apply a theme

Now is a good time to choose a theme to style your Mind Map. Themes are optional – you can choose your own colors and styles – however they provide a good starting point.

Build your Mind Map

Now that the Mind Map style is set, you can concentrate on adding ideas to your key subheadings. Use the mouse to click and drag the bubbles to arrange them on the page. Open Mind has a vast collection of styling options and shapes for customizing your Mind Map.

Building a mind map

Share and print your Mind Map

You can share your finished Mind Map with anyone, even if they do not have Open Mind, by exporting it to common formats such as PDF. Alternatively, you can print your Mind Map.

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