Open Mind 5.3.0

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Bubble editor user interface

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Open Mind 5.3.0

  • Support for the Microsoft App Store
  • Support for multiple bubbles or connections to be edited at once
  • Add a new connection toolbar options
  • Various bug fixes

Open Mind 5.2.0

  • Added a new Flowchart connection type
  • Added the ability to move selected bubbles with the keyboard arrow keys
  • Vertically center bubble text
  • Improve the performance and accuracy of the spell checker
  • Improve the performance of bubble rendering
  • Various minor bug fixes

Open Mind 5.1.2

  • Added support for Windows 7
  • Fixed fatal error on start in Windows 7

Open Mind 5.1.1

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Moved to .Net Framework 4.7.2

Open Mind 5.1.0

  • New shape selection menu
  • Several new shapes
  • Improved bubble editor experience
  • Better unsaved changes warnings
  • New, more complete documentation
  • Many bug fixes and performance enhancements