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How can Open Mind help me?

Mind Mapping

Intuitive tools allow for complex ideas and topics to be broken down into key points efficiently and easily. Anyone can learn to use our software in a matter of minutes.

For Revision

Mind mapping has been proven to be an extremely effective way to revise complex topics. Using software, such as Open Mind, removes the hassle of drawing by hand and means you can spend more time on what’s important.

For Business

Want to present your ideas in a more exciting way than a PowerPoint presentation? A mind map, flowchart or brainstorm can be an impressive way to convey topics where the connections or flow between ideas is important.

Three reasons why Open Mind is the number one choice:

Easy Install

Automatic software installers are available for 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows. Open Mind comes with automatic software updates as standard.

Cloud Storage

Seamlessly sync your documents across multiple devices using Dropbox cloud storage. No need to manually copy files or split screens.

Feature Rich

Theme library, 60+ shapes, spell checking, document exporting, automatic layout program.