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Open Mind 3 is the simplest most elegant Mind Mapping software on the market. We believe the personal touch is key, that’s why Open Mind allows every Mind Map to be shaped, positioned and styled exactly how you want. Not everyone benefits from a tightly organized, computerized layout that most software offers – Open Mind lets you express yourself in every possible way.

The Open Mind 3 interface is designed in the most simplistic way possible, it’s unlikely you will need to spend any longer than 15 minutes learning how to use Open Mind. Taking advantage of a simple click and drag system, bubbles can be easily resized and moved using a mouse.

Not only can Open Mind create professional looking Mind Maps, Open Mind is capable of creating any kind of tree structure diagram including brainstorms, flow charts, spider diagrams, organization charts and much more.

Attachment Feature

Attach files

Embed or link to any file on your computer. Spreadsheets, photos, videos and executables can all be embedded or linked to from a mind map.

Encryption Feature

Encrypt with Password

Files can be optionally encrypted with a password meaning no one can open your file with out the password. Encrypted with MD5 and DES, the password is not stored in the file.

Spell Check

Spell Checking Feature

The automatic spell checker scans text as you type and will underline any misspelled words with a red line. There are over 20 different dictionaries to choose from.

Chart Wizard

Chart Wizard

Chart wizard is capable of creating pie charts, line graphs, scatter graphs, bar charts and more all from a simple table of data.

Shape Library

Over 50 Shapes

Over 50 default bubble shapes to choose from including circles, speech boxes, stars and flowcharts. All shapes can be coloured and resized in the same way.



Open Mind themes are an easy way to make a Mind Map look professional and aesthetically pleasing without much effort. Themes can also be created by the user.

Search Feature


Search an entire Mind Map for a particular word or phrase, ideal for revision purposes on large documents.

Automatic Updates


Open Mind is in continuous development so updates are released for all platforms which include added features and performance enhancements.

List Wizard

List Wizard

Lists are another brilliant way to visually process and synthesize information. This feature is an easy way to add ordered and bullet point lists to a Mind Map.

Export Options

Export and Import

Export a Mind Map as an Image, PDF, MS Word Document, MS Powerpoint Presentation or append to an existing Powerpoint Presentation. Existing Mind Maps can also be imported.

Cross Platform Ming Mapping

Cross Platform

Thanks to Java, Open Mind can be installed on any standard GUI operating system that supports Java 1.6 including Ubuntu, Debian, Windows and Mac OSX.

Line Styles

Line Styles

Three Line Styles are in Open Mind; straight, curved and arrow. Each has its individual uses including flowcharts, brainstorms and Mind Maps.

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